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  • In my twenty years in the recruiting industry, I have attended many conferences focused on the latest business tools and techniques, sourcing, and talent acquisition best practices. The information talked about is great, but I can’t help but see a serious trend that has the potential to kill our industry and, in my opinion, kills the reputation of recruiters and business leaders.

    At each conference are a number of industry old-timers in attendance – I add myself to the category – and many more new faces that are about the same age I was when I got into the industry. This new generation of recruiters is tech savvy and searching for the next cool tool to find and engage candidates. In and of itself, the information being taught at these conferences, online, and by every recruiting technology vendor and trainer is awesome – if you have a basic understanding of how to engage candidates and communicate with hiring managers.

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  • We are spending a ton of time teaching upcoming recruiters and talent acquisition leaders advanced technology tools without first addressing the basics of human interaction and selling. We are creating a generation of recruiting robots, all expecting to be able to tweet our way to filled jobs – in essence, we are automating a process that many recruiters and business leaders don’t even understand!
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  • What I’ve learned is that many recruiters and business leaders were never taught the basic skills of candidate and client engagement. Today’s recruiters have no idea how to ask questions to uncover the real needs from their hiring manager or candidate and too often fall back on the old standby of “who do you know that would be interested?” as soon as a potential candidate indicates they are happy in their current role.

    So, what’s my point?

    We have our business training out of order – we forget to address the key aspects of communication, sales, and engagement, and end up automating a broken process that becomes an even bigger failure. In short, we are setting up our recruiting leaders for professional suicide.

    Take a look at some of the best recruiting organizations. More often than not, these recruiters were taught the basics before becoming experts in the great technology tools that are available today.

    Look at it in this light – we go to grade school and high school to get a broad base of learning that ultimately can help lay the foundation for some type of specialty education when we get into college. As a 3rd grader, can you really start teaching the principals of engineering when they don’t even have the general principals of math understood?

    This correlation needs to be taught to today’s recruiters and business leaders. It’s time to change the game and arm them with the uniform and discipline before you teach them to operate an F14!

  • I’m fortunate to have spent the last two decades working with organizations across the globe and providing practical training and education as well as speaking on a variety of topics including recruiting best practices, leadership in talent acquisition, and candidate/manager engagement, to name just a few.
  • My passion is to educate and prepare professionals by providing engaging and practical techniques, methods, and anecdotes. My unique and unconventional delivery style is engaging, challenging, and thought provoking for new recruiting leaders or the seasoned executive seeking to encourage the best in each member of their organization.

    My global experiences give me a unique perspective of the most important aspect of any business: The people. I’ve learned and continue to learn about their motivations, their wants and needs, and how to successfully implement practices to attract and retain the right talent for the right reasons.

    Please feel free to contact me directly with any questions or comments and to learn more about fixing the recruiting process at your organization, creating leaders in your business, or talent acquisition best practices.