Three Keys To Closing the Deal

I am amazed at how often I speak with recruiters who have no idea what the motivators are of the candidate they are making an offer to. For example, earlier this week I was speaking to a corporate “Executive Recruiter” who was getting ready to present an offer to a candidate she had b
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“Measuring a Candidate’s DNA” featured on Recruiting Trends Today!

A couple months back, I hosted a SkillSurvey Webinar about the key dimensions of a candidate: Skill, Attitude, Competency, and Culture. This was spurred by a blog post I made back in January that posed the question “Is it skill or attitude that makes the best candidate?” w
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10 Things Recruiters Won’t Tell You…But the Real Professionals Will!

When I came across this article “10 Things Employment Recruiters Won’t Say,” I have to say, some points hit a nerve-the wrong nerve. But rather than let these “insights” ring true “as is,” I thought I would set the record straight. Right off t
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