June 30, 2010

Quality of Hire: The Top Recruiting Metric

We talk about “top” talent and “top” performers, but how do you know you’ve reached the “top”? Is there some kind of altitude marker? A sign […]
June 30, 2010

The Crude Truth About Impending Employee Departure

Q: What could soon be gushing faster than the oil leak in the gulf ?  A: Fleeing employees. Q: What could cost companies exorbitant expenses in […]
June 28, 2010

The Golden Rules for Recruiting Top Performers Using Social Media

Social Media. First it was a curious way of connecting or reconnecting with friends. Today everyone is trying to turn it into the ‘next big thing’ […]
June 28, 2010

The Unemployed – Should You Hire Them?

Just a few weeks ago on June 16th, CNNMoney.com published an article entitled “Looking for work? Unemployed need not apply.” Senior writer Chris Isidore went on […]
June 23, 2010

Many Roads Lead to the Same Destination…..

What does riding a Harley and selecting the right candidate have in common? Although the answer to this question may not be obvious to most, there […]
June 13, 2010

Hiring Again? Weigh Your Options Carefully!

I recently came across Kris Dunn’s blog at Fistful of Talent entitled “Scared? Don’t Hire More Recruiters…” and read it with great curiosity. Kris correctly points […]
June 2, 2010

Don't Sell What You Have, Sell What They Want!

I recently read an article posted on RecruitingTrends.com by Barbara Bruno titled “Effectively Sell Your Company to Attract and Hire Top Talent”.  Barbara made a great […]
June 1, 2010

Is “Location, Location, Location” the Key?

How many times have we heard this quote?   “Location, location, location”.  It is often used in reference to the three most important factors that cause a […]