What Type of Recruiting Leader Are You?

I’m often amazed at how different recruiting leaders across the country are, and how their differences lead to both high and low performing teams. Most recently I met with three Corporate heads of staffing that had very different views of their teams, and...

Give Me a Break with the Titles!!!!

Remember when titles like “sanitation engineer” and “domestic engineer” were the politically correct term for garbage man and housewife? I remember hearing those terms when I was in my 20’s and chuckling to myself at the silliness. Fast forward 20 years later and it...

CEO of the Year – It’s still about the people!

On Thursday evening I had the pleasure of attending the CEO of the Year Award in New York City. We began with cocktails on the floor of the New York Stock Exchange, giving the attendees the opportunity to mingle, make connections, and exchange business cards. CEO’s in...


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