3 Real Reasons Recruiters Will be Replaced by AI

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September 19, 2017
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September 26, 2017
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3 Real Reasons Recruiters Will be Replaced by AI

What was your reaction to the title of this blog? Did you read and think: “Who is this jerk who thinks recruiters can be replaced by computers?” Or maybe you thought: “This guy must have no recruiting experience to say such a stupid thing.” My guess is that there were some 4-letter words that came to mind that I cannot post here!

So why did I choose to piss you off to start this post? My goal was to get you to think. Where do recruiters drop the ball and create a situation where candidates would prefer to talk with a computer? Before you discard this post or chalk it up to cynicism, finish reading!
On the flip side, however, AI can definitely be leveraged by recruiters. They can assist with sourcing, scheduling, and just basic interactions with candidates. If we can offload the administrative functions of recruiting and spend time really understanding what makes each candidate tick, maybe we can co-exist after all--but that's for another blog.

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