92% of New Year’s resolutions fail by February.

Every year, I’ve been a 92%-er. I made resolutions, felt good about them, then shortly afterward, I let them fall by the wayside. Now that we’ve entered 2018, I’ve been wondering what it is that keeps me from reaching my goals. After all, the resolutions meant something to me, so why can’t I hang on?

And now, for the first time, I have it figured out:

1. My resolutions aren’t tied to something deeper.
Think about it. Are you looking to make money so you can finally get that new Lambogureni, to up your status and look cooler? And of course, the famous weight loss resolution (which I’m guilty of). Are you resolving to lose weight because you want to look better, or are you doing it because you want to be healthy enough to do more with your family and spend time engaging in physical activity that’s going to better your life?

2. My resolutions aren’t specific.
I’ve personally never made a resolution that was measurable. If I were to set a goal to eat healthier, how do I determine or define what “healthier” means? How do you know if you’ve achieved if there’s no way to quantify the results?

So, want to make your resolutions last?

Don’t be superficial. Think about the deeper meaning in all you do, and attach those meanings to your resolutions. Give them the same value and importance as you do your family, friends, your career. And finally, don’t be so ambiguous. Ambiguity and the inability to measure achievement makes it all the easier for you to fail because there’s a blurred line of accountability.

Good luck everyone, and happy new year!


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