With the right perspective, good things can come out of bad situations. 

Think about it. Every adversity in the history of the world has eventually produced something positive for someone. This means every medicine you take, every tool you use…they all came to exist because of a problem. 

We are all living through the same pandemic. The real question is are you finding a silver lining during this time? 


Our view impacts how we do things. 

Two people can experience the same exact problem and have two completely different responses: 

One person falls victim to their circumstances. They give up before they make any attempts to change. They automatically think I’m at a disadvantage, there’s nothing I can do. 

The other person considers how they can turn this situation into period of growth rather than treat it as a roadblock. They think “what can I do differently to improve? What can I learn? How can I help?” 

It all depends on perspective. Our response during this quarantine continues to be the latter.  


Uncovering opportunity in adversity is possible. 

A quote often attributed to Albert Einstein says, “in the middle of difficulty, lies opportunity.” 

Remember this if your perspective begins to shift negatively. You’ve got to get to the middle of a problem before you can find opportunity out of it.  

But don’t expect opportunity to fall into your lap. You’ve got to seek it out and fight for it. 

Within my group of companies we challenge each other daily to determine where the opportunity lies. What new products should we develop? What structures are better suited to weather the storm? Who can we take a chance on today? 

Are you asking these questions and then taking action on the opportunities? 


Leaders stand up and stand out. 

Leaders are a pillar of strength for our teams, and times of adversity have a way of revealing who the true leaders are. The ones who are willing to take risks, who aren’t afraid to go against the status quo. 

Leaders rise from all levels of an organization. The key is to be on the lookout for those that naturally lead others without a title. Those that focus on driving value to others. 

We cannot let the fear of failure prevent us from taking action. 


Crisis can bring change that wouldn’t exist otherwise. 

In business we often get tied up with operating in a specific way because we know it works. We are all hesitant to stray from what we know. 

But crisis catapults us into the unknown and forces us to get creative if we want to carry on. The only option to move forward is to change.


Keep an open mind. 

Once you lean into the unknown, you may find a new way of doing things that you would have never considered beforeFor example, I never thought my entire team could function remotely, but I now recognize that it is more than possible. 

Yes, this is a difficult time in our lives. But because of that fact, we continue to see creative innovation across all industries. 

Keep your perspective in check by focusing on the bigger picture and reminding yourself that with hard work, we are capable of great things. 


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