Buzz off With the Buzzwords Part 3: Looking back at 2013

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December 3, 2013
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January 7, 2014
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Buzz off With the Buzzwords Part 3: Looking back at 2013

Online profiles are still abuzz with buzzwords.

Earlier this year, I talked about overused buzzwords used in online and print resumes such as “talented,” “creative,” and “highly motivated.”

Unfortunately the list has gotten even longer. LinkedIn has released a list of 2013’s most overused buzzwords, and some are just plain ridiculous.

This year’s most overused buzzwords include:

  • Strategic
  • Patient
  • Expert
  • Organizational
  • Driven
  • Innovative

LinkedIn took the buzzword stats a step further this year to see where these words were most overused. In the United States, we really dwell on being “responsible,” “strategic,” and “effective.”

“Patient” is only overused in U.S. profiles!

Instead of using the same tired words on your LinkedIn profile and elsewhere, try showing off your actual work. Results-oriented descriptions paired with real examples of projects and publications are more likely to draw attention. This way, instead of simply stating that you are responsible, driven, or ambitious – Prove it with specific examples!

Similarly, recommendations on LinkedIn carry weight better than endorsements – I have been endorsed for things I know little or nothing about! It seems to be a trend now to endorse people you don’t even know for things they may not know anything about, making the credibility of these accolades invalid.

Recruiters, before you pass along a candidate’s information, ensure their profile or resume is complete, up to date, and accurate. Watch out for red flags on LinkedIn I mentioned in my previous post.

What’s the most ridiculous buzzword you’ve seen on LinkedIn or a resume?

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