June 13, 2013

“Twitterviews” for Twits: Keep Personal Interaction in Hiring Process

Could you convey your skills, attitude, competencies and drive in 140 characters or less?? That’s the question some companies are posing to candidates in the job […]
May 7, 2013

"Measuring a Candidate's DNA" featured on Recruiting Trends Today!

A couple months back, I hosted a SkillSurvey Webinar about the key dimensions of a candidate: Skill, Attitude, Competency, and Culture. This was spurred by a […]
April 18, 2013

2013 SHRM Talent Conference – Recruit or get out of the way!

What a fantastic session we had on Tuesday at the SHRM Talent Management Conference on Tuesday!   The room was packed and full of very vocal, […]
April 1, 2013

Happy April! Whitepaper Looks at Recruiting Trends for 2013 and Beyond, How to Improve

Back in January, I reviewed what we learned as members of recruiting and talent acquisition in 2012 and what we can hope to change in 2013. […]
March 26, 2013

What Makes the Best Candidate? New Whitepaper Explains Measurable Dimensions

My blog post in January, “Skill vs. Attitude: What Makes the Best Candidate?” resulted in such great discussion on LinkedIn and elsewhere I decided to take […]
March 11, 2013

Buzz off with the Buzzwords Part 2: Job Descriptions Need a Makeover

Most job descriptions are filled with way too much jargon to actually know what the job is all about. This often leads to confusion and frustration […]
February 21, 2013

Buzz off with the Buzzwords! Overuse of fluffy phrases, cliche language leads to resume tossing

Are you a talented, creative, highly motivated individual with strong communication skills? You and everyone else! We get so caught up with the buzz surrounding buzzwords, […]
January 2, 2013

Is it ‘skill’ or ‘attitude’ that will make the best candidate in 2013?

One of the most overused cliché’s in the main stream is “when building a team, hire for attitudes and train for skills”.  Articles from Harvard Business, […]
December 5, 2012

Welcome to Glitch Town: Facebook Job Board Won’t Overshadow Recruiting Any Time Soon

In mid-November, Facebook launched a job board application called Social Jobs Partnership with the goal of revolutionizing Internet recruiting. They cited statistics that claim Facebook is […]
October 22, 2012

What Recruiters can learn from Zappos – The Phone IS a Social Medium!

Last week I had the pleasure of attending and speaking at the Recruiting Trends Conference in Las Vegas – well done to my friends at Recruiting […]