Picture this scenario for a moment:

SteveLowisz.com decides to do a study of worker cohesiveness and motivation in the workplace, and members of your organization agree to let us tour your headquarters to make observations. Let’s assume that you have no prior knowledge of our arrival, and all employees behave as though it is a normal Tuesday afternoon on the job.

The million dollar question is this: what will my team encounter? Are we likely to observe a cohesive, ambitious unit of inspired individuals? Workers with reasonable, attainable, and likely goals? Or would we witness a chaotic, apathetic group of purposeless employees?

If this scenario left you biting your nails, nervously bouncing your foot, or even second-guessing the nature of your company culture, let me be the first to tell you: you have a problem.

In order to produce a unified, motivated, energized team, all entrepreneurs must tackle the issue of core values.


Afterward, entrepreneurs must be able to communicate these values to their team members and customers in a fresh, exciting, original way. Until employees embody the same “why” that the entrepreneur felt when building the business, they will never produce. When employees don’t produce, customers don’t receive results.


Has your organization taken that first step in creating and solidifying a set of core values? If so, how have you used these core values to assist your employees in reaching their maximum potential? How has your team’s motivation increased based on these goals?

If you haven’t taken this step, or have tried and failed in the past, personal experience tells me that you need a helping hand.

That’s where I come in.

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