Generation iY:

What we Must Prepare for and Understand as they Enter the Workforce
Truly understanding Generation iY, the next generation to enter the workforce, requires a real understanding of why such individuals think and act the way they do. From technological advances to modern expectations, today’s work climate has created a unique situation for this generation. Gaining a comprehension of how to aid them in the real world will be key to the success of the next wave of business professionals.

My goal as both a business entrepreneur and parent of iY and Millennial children is to provide the insight necessary to bridge the gap between adults and the emerging generation through observation of previous generations in the workforce and the perceived vs. actual priorities of iY.

The Generation Wars: Let's Meet in the Middle

The heated war for territory has left both sides defeated, demoralized, and distressed. While Millennials have courageously battled their way onto the scene, anticipating nothing less than a full victory, Generation X and the Baby Boomers have valiantly defended their zone with an extra dose of moxie.

But that’s the nature of a generation war: neither side can triumph alone.

The truth is that intergenerational workforces are not only a reality, but they are the also the most productive. While Baby Boomers and Generation X bring tried and true wisdom to the game, Millennials bring innovation and fresh ideas.