Today, Google released a report that fully divulges their diversity statistics within the ranks. The report, which is available on their blog, addresses a few staggering issues:

  • Google’s men-to-women ratio is incredibly lopsided: 70% men and 30% women
  • Google is predominantly white, with only 2% African Americans and 3% Hispanics in the workforce

While these numbers are no doubt troubling, my thoughts on this report are twofold: These diversity statistics at a giant tech corporation point to a much bigger issue in the business world in general, but I also must hand it to Google for being transparent about it.

One of the things I’m always saying is that we are too afraid to talk about the diversity and inclusion problem in the business world. It’s become this “elephant in the room” that we tiptoe around instead of approaching issues head-on.

Divulging a report such as Google’s allows us to have a bigger conversation about this issue. In the release, Google even says “We now realize we were wrong, and it’s time to be candid about the issues.”

The report has been released in the midst of many discussions about the glass ceiling for women, the lack of diversity in IT, and the problems with recruiting diverse candidates simply for the purpose of saying your organization is diverse.

Now that these numbers are out, I’m interested to see what Google will do to fix the problem and whether other tech companies will follow suit.

Do you think Google should have released their Diversity statistics? What can we do to engage in a dialogue about the problems with diversity programs?

I just recently did a talk on Diversity & Inclusion for Crain’s – you can access the presentation here.


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