In my more than 20 years as an entrepreneur and business owner, I’ve seen my share of misguided salespeople. Some weren’t trained properly, some weren’t given the supervision they require, and some are just not the right fit for the role.

But as time goes on, I’ve noticed an increase in sales representative rudeness – an issue that is especially troubling in today’s environment, where every consumer is connected to channels that showcase your company at every moment of the day!!

A recent example of this type of rude selling behavior happened to me just the other day, when I received an email from Cory Calder, a ‘Regional Sales Executive’ at Corey first sent me an automated email riddled with grammatical errors, not to mention an evident lack of research and a lot of oversight regarding my role at the company:

I responded by noting the distracting errors in this canned email and requesting to be removed from their mailing list. Here is what I got back!!

YUCK! There are so many glaring issues with this type of response, a few of the most obvious being –


  • The arrogant, snobby attitude regarding the original email and my polite request to be removed from the mailing list
  • Being presumptuous and aggressive about whether I would utilize your services – it isn’t edgy or impressive, it comes off as incredibly lazy and disingenuous
  • Responding to me from your phone without a proper email signature, greeting, or closing, when I took the courtesy to politely email you – it’s disgraceful and embarrassing for the entire company!



If this was one of my salespeople I would be very troubled by how they represent my company. To his credit, the Founder and President of did reach out to me to have a conversation on the importance of sales outreach techniques.

As a founder myself, I understand and appreciate the importance of how every touch with a potential client leaves an impact. In today’s consumer-driven market, it’s more important than ever to have a clean, professional brand when interacting with potential customers. To not do so is just plain lazy.

Salespeople, I encourage you to remember the potential client’s buying decision is based directly on your actions, and to follow the Golden Rule we learned in kindergarten with every outreach! This definitely left a resounding negative impact!


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