The recent release of the Apple iPad is generating a much anticipated buzz: Will it be as big as the iPod or iPhone? Will it overtake print? Could it change recruiting forever? It very well could.

As I sit in New York’s La Guardia airport, I am writing this blog on my new iPad, purchased the first weekend they were released!  This technological marvel is light, thin and so portable you can easily stay connected to job market updates, client and candidate contact information, and networking wherever you go. In addition this e-reader, Internet-portal takes reading job postings to a whole new level.

Newspapers are Old News

Can you remember reading a newspaper, searching the classifieds for job ads? Or perhaps even placing those ads to attract candidates? You only had “x” amount of space and “x” amount of words that would run in “x” paper for “x” amount of time. To attract candidates you had to pick and choose how to use that space – choosing a limited number of words, specific ad placement, and overall size. Candidates would then consider those carefully placed ads from their kitchen table, the subway, or anywhere else they could peruse the paper. This is where the iPad could reinvent both old and new forms of career advertising.

The Super-Sized App

Like the iPhone with its hundreds of thousands of apps, the iPad is immediately a candidate for mobile recruiting opportunities. But being larger than the iPhone, the iPad will give app developers greater flexibility with the interface. The visual experience for potential candidates could be amazing. Its size, easy handling, and rich graphics is what makes it such a threat to traditional print, existing e-readers, and existing laptops. Space and time are already seen as infinite on the iPad, with wireless 3G freedom just around the corner.

This means the iPad will eliminate “x” factors associated with traditional job postings. Companies will be able to engage candidates with as much information for as long as they would like.

The New Ad Age

Some industry experts now envision a new age of recruiting creativity. Mobile technology that will allow candidates to pull up a full screen, full color career ad whenever and wherever they would like. Imagine ads embedded with helpful application tools, interactive assessments and real-time video players of company departments on the spot. Ads that fully convey the benefits and brand of your unique company. Anything and everything is up for consideration.

The launch of innovative technologies like the iPad only emphasizes our need to be prepared to offer candidates more innovative ideas and personal experiences in real time.  Print advertising is almost obsolete, web content is transforming, and on-demand technologies continue to change the game of how we attract and engage candidates.

I will be sure to provide future updates on how the iPad improves my ability to become more productive in client engagement, candidate engagement, and overall productivity.  For now I need to start my next blog, respond to a number of candidates, and update my travel arrangements, all without pulling out my laptop!


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