The Power5Principles are the key areas of life that each of us needs to be investing in every day. These principles are the power we need to move from success in one area at the expense of other areas, to success in all areas of life. In last week’s blog, I briefly introduced the concept of each of the 5 principles and the 2 key concepts that define each of them.

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Imagine living a life where you don’t just go through the motions; a life where you never wonder if something’s missing or if there’s something more. Now, imagine living life with the clarity you need to live each day with intention. That’s what the Power5Principles creates.

The Power5Principles are not psychological fluff, theoretical ideas, or feel-good mantras designed to will yourself in a positive mindset. There are enough books, programs, and seminars that can convince you to feel good for 15 minutes, only to end up more confused and less clear on where your life is supposed to head.

Imagine the possibility of a clear roadmap for your life; a roadmap with specific actions you need to perform every single day to make that life happen. The principles of the Power5 are simple but will require a determined and healthy mindset every day.

The Birth of the Power5Principles

The concept behind the Power5Principles came from 25-years of both intense failure and incredible success. Those experiences resulted in bad habits, reckless mistakes, and an arrogance that left me teetering on the edge of a failed marriage and strained relationships with my kids. I became really great at building successful businesses while sabotaging personal and professional relationships. The Power5 came from a place of never feeling satisfied with what I had, with what I had achieved. I was constantly looking ahead, overlooking what was in front of me.

Most importantly, these principles are the result of years of seeking, learning, training, and hundreds of thousands of dollars spent on gurus, coaches, and programs that generated little to no direction in my life.

The Power5Principles didn’t improve my life—they recreated it. Now I live a life that’s unrecognizable to the one I’ve always known. By focusing on the principles through daily, practical application, the power for positive change became inevitable.

Let’s start with the foundation of the Power5Principles.


Purpose is a notion that has been talked about for centuries, yet no one seems to truly understand it. Some self-improvement gurus would claim purpose equates to a profession, and vice versa. For others, purpose is an intangible idea that stems from months of meditation and eventual enlightenment—whatever that means!

The reality is that purpose is not some ambiguous, feel-good idea. Purpose is tied to faith, or what we believe at our cores, and, as a result, what we choose to focus on.

Regardless of what your religious beliefs are, every human being has faith in something that drives their decision-making. This faith drives our focus, and our focus drives what we ultimately believe is our purpose.

We all have a common purpose

Every one of us was born with a common purpose: expansion. The purpose of your life and the purpose of my life is to become someone tomorrow that you and I are not today. Living with this purpose in mind completely changes how you and I live our lives.

If you’re living for the weekend (as the saying goes), your purpose is getting through the week. Your drive is fueled by the fact that you can kick back and relax come Friday night. Just getting by 5 days of the week for a mere 2 days of sleeping in and partying makes for a potentially miserable existence, one with no real direction.

If your focus is becoming someone tomorrow that you are not today, your decisions change. If your purpose is to expand daily in each area of life, you will choose to do things to support that purpose. Your focus changes from working to get through Monday to having Monday to work on improving who you are.

For years I believed my purpose was to be an entrepreneur. As a result, I focused on building my businesses, and my faith was based on my abilities to deliver on that purpose—all at the expense of other areas in my life. When I realized that my common purpose was expansion and I applied that purpose to all facets of life, including my personal faith in God, my focus changed.

As I realized that my chosen profession was not my actual purpose, the way I looked at my businesses took on new meaning. I learned that I could apply my purpose of expansion to almost any profession I chose. Profession became a preference, not a purpose! A profession can be a calling based in purpose. But that’s a discussion for the coming weeks.

Practical application of Purpose

Ask yourself the following questions:

  • What do you believe today?
  • What is your focus on today?
  • What are you doing today to expand?
  • What are you doing today to become better than you were yesterday?
  • What are you reading today?

Come back next week where we will look at the idea of expansion as our purpose and how it applies practically to all parts of our lives!


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