Steve Lowisz leaned back in his rugged basement chair, looking up at the ceiling as he pondered his next move. After cashing out his 401k, maxing out more than one credit card, and racking up his fair share of debt, the options were looking slim. Just as he leaned forward, the phone rang.

Another client, another recruiting opportunity.

Perhaps one more credit card wouldn’t hurt.

The road for Steve Lowisz has been anything but smooth-sailing. As an entirely self-made man and talent acquisition specialist, Lowisz might have enough passion and determination to set the world on fire.
“I felt that I could do the industry better than the industry was doing itself

Lowisz declared in his typically straightforward manner. Perhaps he was right: his research and recruiting firm grew so quickly that it moved four times in the first 20 months.

Upon increasing the number of models and brands available, Lowisz is now CEO of six separate companies. His corporations now offer research, recruiting, competitive intelligence, HR expertise, education, and various other services across the globe. Project locations include Eastern and Western Europe, South America, China, South Korea, and numerous other nations.
As for the boss himself, Lowisz enjoys educating recruiters and HR representatives on the topics of talent acquisition, entrepreneurship, and leadership. His expertise comes from the School of Hard Knocks.

I started from zero. I’ve had all the successes and failures that an entrepreneur should have. It was sweat and tears – I put everything at risk.
Perhaps it is his story that interests fellow HR specialists across the globe; on the other hand, one could attribute it to his unconventional, brazen techniques. As an assertive, bold, and authentic CEO, there is no opinion that Lowisz will not share: “I like to cut to the chase when it comes to HR and talent acquisition. With so much false information out there, somebody needs to speak the truth. It’s time that recruiters really know what they are doing – enough of the talent acquisition horror stories!”
Remaining true to his character, Lowisz does not plan to slow down from here. As his corporations continue to expand and his expertise deepens, he strives to strengthen and develop the next generation of HR representatives through authentic training and data-driven techniques.

“It’s my passion,” Lowisz said. “I see a need in today’s HR climate, and I’m ready to share some solutions.”