It’s another morning – are you motivated to do the work?

Some people say motivation is literally the only thing you need to be successful. They say it is THE crucial element in setting and attaining goals. But is that really true? A lot of content is produced online that’s aimed to motivate and move you into massive action in the hopes that you’ll finally become a successful recruiter, HR leader, or Business leader.

The reality is that most people totally misunderstand how motivation works and are totally unaware of the real determining factor behind an individual’s success.

First let’s call out the B.S.: Motivation equals success. This is not true. Here’s the truth: Motivation does not equal success for you. The only thing that equals success for you is you, and the way you develop and rearrange your mind.

You can spend hours on social media and thousands of dollars on motivational courses or seminars but there is still no guarantee your life will transform. It’s a great marketing line, but in the ends its crap. Just writing down your goals for the day or visualizing success is not how results are created in your life. If you’ve read any personal improvement books, this has probably started sinking in.

I’m not saying to stop watching celebrity trainers and motivational speakers. These videos and seminars pump you up and keep your fire burning – they can be awesome! There’s absolutely nothing wrong with strategically setting aside some time to regularly feed yourself content that raises your spirits. The problem is when that’s all you do.

Look around your office this morning. Most people are stuck, which is why they see no results even after hours of motivational YouTube and Facebooks videos. Sure, a few things may change here and there, but true and permanent transformation – that’s something not enough people are experiencing.

Here’s Why

Most people are still missing the crucial ingredient that is fundamental to both permanent transformation and success: Real conviction and habit formation based on how the drives are wired with and the needs they generate. In other words, most people lack the belief which forms the habit that results in success.

Our results are determined by our actions. The actions you take are determined by your behaviors which are under the direct influence of your habits! As we all know, habits are not formed through intellectual reasoning, motivational videos, or applied force from a manager. In fact, our habits and beliefs can’t even be formed instantly.

It doesn’t matter what your boss says or does. It doesn’t matter what you say to your team. If what others want for you does not resonate with your drives and innate needs, no physical result will appear.
This is perhaps the one thing most motivational gurus don’t emphasize enough. If they did, we’d see more people invested in understanding their own drives instead of scrolling through Instagram feeds hungry for another motivational quote.

My point is simply this: Your inner convictions (driven by your internal drives and needs) and the habits you form constitute your ruling mental state. After your boss yells at you and the shot of adrenaline dies out, you’ll jump back into whatever ruling state your mind has set as the default behavior.

If you truly want to experience real success and change, first understand what drives you and then leverage that to master the skill of habit formation.

Get good at creating habits that prompt actions that lead to success – based on how YOU are wired – and the end result will inevitably be success.

Everything else you find externally is at best a clue and at worst a distraction but definitely not “the magical ingredient.” If at all there is such a thing as a magical ingredient to fast track your habits, it will only be found by looking within.

So, on this early morning, take an honest self-inventory right now. Do you know what your drivers are and the needs they create? How much time are you spending conforming to the drives and behaviors of those around you, only to go home defeated and exhausted? Are you trying to force your teams to act and think like you?

First its time to understand who you are and leverage that information to drive the habits that lead to the outcomes you are seeking. If you can then understand the drivers of those around you, you can show them how to leverage that to create their own success – think of the combined results!!


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