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I have traveled the world, from conferences to workshops, from major corporations to growing businesses, and I am always blown away by the smart questions, unique challenges, and commonalities we all face in finding the right talent and techniques to drive our future success. Nearly every organization faces challenges with identifying, recruiting, and retaining their most productive employees.

My onsite speaking engagements provide recruiters, business leaders and everyone in between with the knowledge and skills necessary to succeed in today’s shifting professional landscape. My unique approach provides organizations with thorough assessment of their recruiting and business processes and how to best achieve desired results that are proven to drive success.
Whether it is market trends and topics crucial to talent acquisition leaders at all experience levels, best practices in social media and other business and sourcing tools, or effective recruiting and entrepreneurial metrics, my modernized in-person interaction engages participants and implements a variety of professional consultation techniques.

If you’re looking for a speaker who will wake up your team and challenge them to think, interject, and even disagree, contact me. Ask how I can help you with organizational development, people assessment, company growth, internal brand, technology, the candidate experience, and much more. I would love the opportunity to come speak with you about effective recruitment and business strategies, providing live, onsite conversation and development to help your organization excel.

Speaking topics include, but are not limited to:

Diversity & Inclusion: Best practices in today’s professional environment.

People Assessment: Ensuring you have the right people in the right seats for the right reasons.

People Development: Assessing what kinds of training your team needs to enhance their skill set, capabilities, and output

Employer Branding: Understanding the importance of brand and how it relates to successful recruiting, talent engagement and retention.

Technology: Leveraging today’s resources with talent acquisition best practices and methodologies to use what you have the right way.

Metrics: Understanding time to fill, cost per hire, candidate quality, ROI, and other seemingly mystifying recruiting benchmarks.

The Candidate Experience: What your recruiting, onboarding, and retention strategies tell each candidate and the world about your organization.

Social Media: The best social channels for each method of outreach and leveraging these tools with online and offline talent acquisition best practices.

Web Strategy: Mastering the art of having a clean, professional web page, the importance of your online image, becoming a Thought Leader with relevant content and know-how.

Entrepreneurship: With 20 years of knowledge in building and running a successful organization from the ground up, Steve has extensive experience in implementing the right strategies to be a successful business leader.

Career Preparation: Best strategies for equipping a student, teenager, or youth with the right tools to prepare for college and the professional world.

Leadership: Understanding the evolution of leadership principles and skills and applying best practices in a professional environment.

Sales 101: The principles and techniques of successful sales professionals and applying them today.