“Purpose provides you with the power to produce.”

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The billionaire CEO. The straight-A ivy-league student. The Olympic athlete, the best-selling novelist, the highest producing recruiter, and the published scientist. What do all these successful individuals have in common?

One word: purpose.

Purpose is what drives us to wake up in the morning, set consistent goals, and persistently work toward the finish line. It answers the questions “why do you do what you do?” with confidence and assertiveness.

Without a sense of purpose, even the most accomplished individuals will lose their steam, burn out, and begin right where they started. In order to keep trekking forward, each person must thoroughly define this concept.

But how do we determine our purpose as unique individuals, and how does this transform our day-to-day activities? How do we know which areas of our lives lack purpose and which are in the clear?

If you’re asking these questions as we move along, you’re off to a positive start.


Defining Your Purpose

A sense of purpose dives deeper than the superficial motives we often rely on. For example, my purpose for losing weight might be to stay alive long enough to raise grandkids. It might be to retain mobility, as I would like to go on long bike rides with my kids or hike in the Andes with my wife. On the other hand, losing weight to look spectacular or gain the jealousy of my colleagues would not be sustainable. Because it is cosmetic in nature, is it not likely to keep me motivated when I’m sweating bullets and just can’t run that last mile. I’ll be thinking of my kids and my wife, not the mirror.


Benefits of Purposeful Living

When it comes to business, it is easy to forget the reason you started. Blinded by profit, or lack thereof, we often become obsessed with the numbers and the zeros at the end of our paycheck. I will be the first to tell you that this life is exhausting. Once you reach that level of wealth you’ve been seeking, you realize just how hollow the goal itself is.

Over the years, I’ve learned to do business with a purpose. Focusing on the principles of my organizations, rather than the wealth they can bring me, has actually allowed me to grow my business at a quicker rate. By redefining my purpose and focusing on the right goals – such as the quality of my business or the problems it aims to solve – I have tapped into a reserve of energy and determination. This energy given me more creativity, passion, and stamina than ever before.

But where do we begin? Which areas of our lives require purposeful living?

The answer is simple: we haven’t reached true success until everything we do has a purpose. This includes body, being , balance, business, and everything in between. Those lacking our attention will be the ones that crumble beneath our feet.

In order to succeed at everything we do, we must refocus our lenses. The superficial goals that currently characterize our vision will supply us with temporary energy. Gaining access to true, long-lasting triumph requires a brand-new scope with deeper goals and meaning.

Which elements of your life currently lack purpose? More specifically, how have these areas suffered due to a lack of purpose?

Fair warning: If they haven’t suffered yet, they will.



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