Recruiters, let me ask you a question: Why is it that any time I log on to LinkedIn, 15 of the last 17 posts seem be job listings?

Are we THAT lazy???

Overposting jobs on LinkedIn is yet another example of Robot Recruiting. With hardly any real content being shared anymore, it’s no wonder so many candidates are dropping off of LinkedIn, ignoring inMails, and just plain sick of recruiters.

On social media, “Post and Pray” is running rampant – throwing a job listing out there and hoping it sticks. On LinkedIn and elsewhere, it’s become dangerously easy to flood the feed.

LinkedIn is a great tool when properly used, however we must understand that it is NOT meant to be another job board.  Job boards are expected to be filled with posts describing one career opportunity after another – LinkedIn is supposed to be more valuable than just that.  These “serial posters” ultimately ruin it for the rest of the profession.

So please allow me to reiterate: Moderation AND Contribution are key!!!

Recruiters, you have so many skills at your disposal that you may have forgotten about, most importantly the ability to build genuine professional relationships through conversation, engagement, and effective outreach.

Ask yourself about effectiveness before you post. Do you really think top talent is going to jump out of their chair to reply to your postings, especially when you come off as desperate?

To avoid this social media WORST practice, keep these factors in mind:

  • Do not treat social media as advertising platforms – you will turn people off
  • Practicality is key – information someone can use today
  • Don’t just ‘tell’, provide value and ‘contribute’ to your network
  • Don’t just take from the community – be sure to give
  • Build real two-way communication with your target audience to improve response rates
  • Contribute to conversations and make direct contact with individuals, groups, communities
  • Comment, comment, comment, and then provide a link
  • Share only what is useful, helpful, interesting, funny, or not available elsewhere
  • Be real!

Are job postings bogging down your newsfeed? What other advice would you give to pushy recruiters?


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