As leaders, I’m sure all of us have recently had to make some tough decisions in order to do what’s best for our company. Because of the coronavirus pandemic, tons of businesses are temporarily suspending operations or switching to remote work.

Work may be slowed down or halted for the time being…but that doesn’t mean employees need less support!

Employees Are Still Hungry for Continuous Development

People are still looking for ways to broaden their knowledge. They want to feel that they are doing something to better themselves while they are stuck at home.

Although many things are beyond our control, there are ways we can continue to support and encourage our teams. Leaders can help their teams sharpen their skills during this difficult time. Resources for improvement do not need to break the bank!

Help them from afar to fulfill their aspirations of continuous development by sending helpful suggestions and tools:

Internal Training/Certification Programs

Does your team have any internal training courses or certification programs? Now would be a great time to extend these courses and programs to those who are interested.

For those who have already completed training in the past, perhaps they could benefit from running through a course again as a refresher!

If you work in recruiting, we’re currently offering all of our recruiter training programs at the Recruiter Education Institute at no cost.

Online Tutorials

Think about the individual computer programs or websites that your company uses to complete tasks. These platforms are constantly updating and expanding their capabilities. That means there’s always room to become more proficient in them.

No matter what your company uses (from programs like Excel, to more niche platforms), there are typically plenty of free online tutorials available. Find some relevant links to send your team. Alternatively, provide a few suggested searches they could use to dive in themselves!

Who knows, by watching a few tutorials they might pick up some useful tricks. Now is a great time to create more efficient processes in the future.

Live Video Learning Sessions from Management

Perhaps you or an expert on your management team could lead a live video learning session.

Select a specific area of focus that could provide extra value to your team. Give them the chance to learn and discuss this topic via video meeting.

Of course, the best way to learn is without distractions. As such, you can hold sessions before business hours, during lunch, or after work.

Help Your Team Help Themselves!

One of the greatest things a leader can do is to guide and equip their team with the right tools. With these in hand, your team will be able to grow and prosper.

Give your teams something constructive and positive to lean into while we face these harrowing times.

We can’t control this current crisis, but we can control how we respond. Click the image above for resources that will help you adapt to change, craft a plan, and achieve long term success. 


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