Communication has always played an important role in a company’s success, but with the COVID-19 outbreak it has become more important than ever. Most businesses are operating under different circumstances than they’re used to. Teams are either working remotely or keeping a safe distance away from their coworkers.

Now is the time to utilize all of our available resources to internally keep in contact. As leaders, we need to set the example for our teams. Frequent and honest communication is what will keep us banded together (figuratively, of course) during this time of uncertainty.

Here’s why it is so important to stay connected:

To Maintain Trust

Teams look to their leaders to be the voice of reason when everything feels out of control.

Your teams are not expecting you to have all the answers. They are looking to you for clarity on what you will do next and why. Open and honest communication from each leader helps maintain trust and keeps expectations grounded. Keeping your team apprised of any changes you’re making shows you respect them and have their best interests at heart.

Without trust in leadership, individuals will have no trust in the company.

To Minimize Errors

Communication helps the team deliver the same quality services that clients deserve.

Just because circumstances are out of the ordinary doesn’t mean that the client should expect less. Stress to your team that they need to overcommunicate about projects to ensure mistakes aren’t being made.

Expectations need to clearly be laid out, and no assumptions can be made about who is doing what.

To Stimulate Inspiration

Your teams may begin to feel dismal and unmotivated during this pandemic. Encouraging everyone to stay social with each other through calls, videos, or messaging can help keep them out of that slump.

When people feel that they are connected and working as a team, their motivation to complete tasks increases.

Remind them that although we are in separate workspaces, we are in this together.

Placing Value on Communication Is What Will Get Us Through These Difficult Times

Do your part as a leader to guide your team in best practices and don’t let them feel that they are fighting this battle alone.


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