For the last 25 years I have been fascinated with individual performance. Whether it’s increasing my own levels of success or watching others who have seemed to achieve the extraordinary, it’s been my mission to determine the basic building blocks of a successful life.

The reality is that this focus has led to me to some of the biggest mistakes in my life. When my primary picture of success revolved around profits, I achieved that goal at the expense of others. I ran through employees, alienated friends, ticked off clients, and disappointed family.

When my picture of success moved to my personal stage presence and professional speaking career, I stepped away from my businesses, traveled up to 250 days a year, and alienated my family even more. The more I tried to drive success in one area, the more failures I experienced in other areas.

We see this happening around us daily. Hollywood and music stars who seem to have it all: money, fame, looks, cars, houses. Yet, they overdose on drugs that they used to hide from the world. Entrepreneurs and business leaders who give up on their families to spend more time creating businesses and wealth that they don’t have time to enjoy it (or have to enjoy it alone). The number of marriages that fall apart because one or both members of the relationship are focused on things that create superficial value.

Unfortunately, there are many who say that you can’t have it all. No, you can’t achieve financial, professional, physical, family and spiritual success. Something must give. We settle for a one or two-dimensional life while neglecting the other areas that result in failed relationships, failed businesses, failed bodies, or worse.

For me, the rollercoaster of life seemed never ending when I didn’t have the proper perspective and lived as a victim to my circumstances and not as a master of my domain. Every day I chose what I was going to do or not do, and those choices were based on my past experiences and the stories I had in my mind. I was victim to my circumstances because I did not have a clear understanding of the Power 5 Principles for individual performance or as Maslow calls it, self-actualization.

Over the past 15 years, I have read books, attended seminars and hired coaches to get to the place of promised nirvana that Maslow and other boasted for years. The more I learned, the more confused I seemed to get. Success in life just shouldn’t be this confusing to attain—and it’s not.

The Power 5 Principles

The Power 5 Principles are the key areas of life that each of us need to be investing in every day. These Principles are the power we need to move from success in one area at the expense of other areas, to success in all areas of life.


Purpose is a clear understanding of what you believe, or your faith, and as a result, the focus you have in life. Putting daily effort into living your purpose is the linchpin to living a full life and making choices based on today and tomorrow, not on yesterday.


Physical health goes beyond how we look and is a critical component to investing in ourselves. What we intake as fuel and what we do for fitness each day drives our physical and mental health to new levels. Investment in ourselves gives us the energy to invest in others.


Making daily investments in our family and friends by being deliberate and present strengthens relationships. Sending a daily message of love and affirmation to family members, calling a friend just to say hello and tell them you miss them, putting down the phone to play with your kids, weekly date night with your spouse, attending church with your family each week… these are just some ways to invest in those most important to you on a daily basis.


Whether you are an entrepreneur or not, it is important to invest daily in both your foundation and your faculty. Are you spending time each day increasing your level of knowledge? What are you reading to improve your skill? Do you have a coach? Are you living out your purpose in your profession?


Compensation, profits, income, etc. are necessary to everyday life. How you manage your money, how you leverage the profits, and the “why” behind each is critical. Creating the funds in order to create the freedom to spend time with your family and live your purpose is a much deeper driver then focusing on buying that new Bugatti!

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The application of the Power 5 in your life is simple but not easy. Doing the work each day begins with understanding your purpose by having clarity in what you believe and your focus that comes with that belief. Starting next week, I dive further into the application of Purpose in your life.


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