There’s a myth going around. According to this myth, recruiters can throw five to ten resumes at a hiring manager, and one will stick. Recruiters don’t need to drill into the candidates to see if they are a fit. With more candidates, one is likely to match.

But this is just a rumor. Quantity is never a solid match for research and careful investigation. Steve Jobs said so himself:

“Quality is more important than quantity. One home run is much better than two doubles.”

Say it again for the recruiters in the back…

How the Rumor Developed

Let’s face it, the recruiters aren’t entirely to blame for this absurd practice. On the one hand, most hiring managers now demand a plethora of candidates on their desk for each open requisition. They are trained to see volume over quality.

Naturally, recruiters pick up on this trend. If the hiring managers want quantity, quantity is what they will get.

On the other hand, recruiters have too many open requisitions on their desk. If five to ten candidates are required for each open requisition, we might as well kiss quality goodbye. They’re recruiters, not superheroes.

The Consequences

This doesn’t mean the recruiters get off scot-free. Clients deserve quality results, and this trend does not facilitate good business.

Instead, recruiters are handing over stacks of resumes that have not been properly investigated. Hiring managers glance through them, find one that is “good enough,” and run with it. Meanwhile, clients are less than thrilled with the decision. They could have done the entire search on their own without breaking the bank.

As for the internal recruiters, they seem less relevant every day. Suddenly outsourcing becomes a possibility.

It’s a vicious cycle, one that hiring managers and recruiters are mutually responsible for.

Reverse the Trend

Developing new habits takes time. Hiring managers can’t wake up one day, stop requiring so many job requisitions, and expect recruiters to understand the concept of quality. Reversing the trend requires new requirements, constant communication, and a shift in management values.

Most of all, it takes time and accountability. Recruiters need a positive support structure in their hiring managers, while hiring managers need to hold recruiters to a high standard. It is a partnership that can’t be broken.

Choose quality over quantity in your recruiting strategies. Rather than dozens of inspiring quotes we could list for you here, we’ll just leave you with this:

It makes good business sense.


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