Could you convey your skills, attitude, competencies and drive in 140 characters or less??

That’s the question some companies are posing to candidates in the job search, completely doing away with traditional interview processes and instead going for a more new-age approach: Twitter Resumes.

Here’s how it works, according to a recent article by The Wall Street Journal: Companies open the “Twitterview” process to those hoping to get a job, allowing them to tweet a 140-character resume that highlights their skills and attributes and what would make them a good fit for the organization. Only those who tweet are considered for the position.

The Marketing Arm, a promotions agency headquartered in New York City, plans to hire five summer interns using Twitter. The company calls the technique a way to “meet potential talent where they live,” pointing out that the Millennial generation dedicates much of its time to Twitter and other social networks.

This seems crazy to me!! We’ve already removed the human elements from recruiting in so many ways, and now some people want impersonal, 140-character resumes blasted over the Web?

Some places don’t even tailor the tweets to the job at hand before making a hiring decision. Attention Era, a media group from Milwaukee, recently told USA Today that they hired a social media coordinator based on his general tweets, with no in-person interview at all.

The company’s executive producer told the press, “It didn’t matter to me what they’re like in an interview setting; all that mattered was their online personality.”

Social media representatives ESPECIALLY need to be a good cultural fit for your organization! They are the ones who are building your brand and are the voice of your digital audience…of all people, they should be the ones who best understand your company culture. Would you really want a “company culture misfit” representing your organization to the masses?

No matter the position, the interview process should still involve more follow-up and in-person interviewing before a decision is made. There is just no way to get a clear picture of a person’s attitude, culture, competency, or even true skills via Twitter!

This is not to disbar Twitter itself. Twitter is a great tool for brand building, awareness, and engagement, but not resumes. Let’s be cautious of the way we market ourselves on social media and keep resumes where they belong – in front of humans!!


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