As they continue to enter the workforce, professionals of the Millennial generation remain the subject of much debate within business circles. Often perceived as spoiled, needy, overindulged, and even flaky, Millennials incur several negative stereotypes regarding their worthiness in the workplace. According to a’s Global Outlook Survey, 60% of employers feel that Millennials have a poor work ethic, are easily distracted, lack loyalty, and have a sense of entitlement.

We’ve spent plenty of time discussing what millennials lack and why we are afraid to hire them. But instead of going around in circles, perhaps we need to look at the root of the problem in order to move forward.

After all, by 2020, this generation will be nearly half of all working professionals. Why not take a moment now to understand where our biases – whether conscious or unconscious – are coming from, and how to combat stereotypes?

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