Employee experience is front and center for HR and recruiting professionals moving into 2020. Businesses are focusing on their most important asset – their people!  

Employee experience is the key to having an energized and inspired workforce. A great employee experience benefits virtually every aspect of your business. These benefits include attracting top talent, delivering superior customer service, leading innovation and more.

Data and analytics offer a tremendous advantage for improving processes. As such, it only makes sense that businesses are using these tools to improve their employee experience (EX). If you’ve found yourself wondering why analytics are so valuable for EXthis article will cover the essentials. 

Improving EX Starts With Understanding Your People 

How often have you seen companies spend extravagantly on something their employees don’t even want? Ping pong tables, dreadful company events…the list goes on and on.   

In order to help our teams have a great EX, we have to understand them. What works for one team could be frustrating for another. For example, some people thrive in fast-paced, chaotic environments. On the other hand, some people prefer a methodical, slow and steady pace. 

But understanding employees can be hard. Team members aren’t always open about their needs. People are often afraid to be totally honest with managers or bosses. Sometimes people are not even aware of their own needs in the workplace. 

These issues are precisely what makes people analytics so invaluable to EX. 

People Analytics Take the Guesswork Out of Understanding Your Team

People analytics offer a highly efficient process for getting an accurate understanding of our team. Surveys, interviews, and the like only go so far in helping us understand what our team needs to thrive in the workplace. Although some of these tools are necessary, many only address current emotions and don’t consider the intrinsic drives and needs of each individual. In comparison, people analytics offer a scientifically validated process for understanding someone’s innate drives. 

That last part is extremely important. When we understand someone’s innate drivers, we can predict their behavior and get an in-depth understanding of what they need from leadership to deliver their best work. Furthermore, the best analytics platforms allow us to gain this information in a matter of minutes with actionable insights to boot. 

The First Step is Picking the Right Platform 

Of course, in order to successfully utilize people analytics for EX, we have to select the right platform. Not all analytics tools are created equal. Some tools offer great insights on human behavior but are not specifically designed for the workplace. 

Furthermore, some platforms require lengthy tests from each employee. Complexity and ease-of-use are also factors. If a platform requires long, tedious assessments and is unintuitive, the chances of successful implementation in the workplace nosedives. 

When reviewing people analytics platforms, consider the following questions. 

  • Is it scientifically validated? 
  • Was it designed for business use, or is it more general? 
  • How easy is it to administer the test and receive a report? 
  • How easy it is to read and understand the results? 
  • What companies have seen success with the platform? 
  • Does the data provide real, actionable data that can make a difference today? 

Putting Data to Work for Employee Experience

We all understand how powerful data can be if used correctly. It’s only natural that companies are looking to leverage data and analytics for EX.  

When applied properly, these tools can dramatically boost EX and identify the needs and drivers of your team members. And at the end of the day, there are few things more valuable to HR and recruiting professionals than understanding people. 

If you’re interested in leveraging people analytics to improve EX and build a better business, go ahead and email [email protected] 

We’ll set you up with a 10-minute call to learn about our people analytics platform. If you don’t find value in that call, you don’t have to speak with us ever again – but we’re very confident you will! 


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