Ok – this is not my typical blog format but I felt the need to describe my interaction with this new toy. The key thing to realize is that I am typing this blog from the iPad while 30,000 feet in the air on a Delta flight to Orlando!

As a recruiter and business owner I am constantly on the lookout for tools that can help save me time and make me more productive. During the first hour of this flight I was able to accomplish all of the following on this new little gizmo:

– Sent off about a dozen emails to candidates to arrange calls, meetings, interviews, etc.
– Logged into my office network and scheduled some system updates.
– Retrieved 2 PowerPoint presentations and opened them for review.
– Texted my son to see what he and his friend were up to back in Detroit.
– Reviewed a handful of websites to better understand the structure.
– Sent out 5 LinkedIn connection requests.
– Performed a number of LinkedIn and other searches for potential candidates.
– Updated my Twitter, Facebook, and other social media profiles.

When I was actually done working I was able to order some accessories from the Apple web site, looked at flights for an upcoming trip, and did a little light reading of the Wall Street Journal and USA today.

It looks like the days of wasting precious time on planes and trains while traveling may be coming to end. As a recruiter I now have access to my candidates and clients from just about anywhere, including the air! So who is going to develop the first recruiting app for the iPad?????


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