Global Keynote Speaker

Motivator, entrepreneur,

and talent expert.

” What Steve delivers is not mere motivation, its practical and creates real results! “

” The keynote was incredible! After 15 years of having annual speakers Steve was the best yet! “


What are people saying?

INCREDIBLE session!  Steve was the keynote at our conference in New York and the crowd didn’t want him to stop!

With more than 1000 people on the edge of the seats, Steve delivered more than expected!  

We were laughing and some people even cried.  Speaking from his own experience, the delivery was incredible!


When you’re looking for something different in a keynote speaker……. 

For over two decades, Steve Lowisz has been an innovative leader in the talent acquisition and talent development industry. Having founded 5 successful businesses, Steve is now a globally recognized entrepreneur, trainer, keynote speaker and coach.  He regularly shares his insights on professional development, entrepreneurial best practices, and recruiting and retaining talent. 

With a unique and sometimes unconventional delivery style, Steve’s keynote sessions are engaging, and thought-provoking. As a result, companies including Cisco Systems, Starbucks, Whirlpool, Coca Cola, Miller, Walgreens and many others have engaged Steve as a speaker to train, motivate, encourage, inspire and even rattle their teams.

When you are looking for a keynote speaker who can capture the attention of any audience and be especially relevant, contact Steve first.


“Never stop investing in yourself or your team.” Steve Lowisz


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