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Steve Lowisz, Keynote Speaker & Trainer

“The only thing standing in between your business strategy and your business performance is your people strategy.   Its about optimizing your talent to drive real company performance!”


What are people saying?
Immediately actionable! Steve’s take on ‘Informed Selection’ opened our eyes quickly to what we are doing wrong, and how to fix it!

Its about time someone said what we were thinking.  What’s the point of measuring engagement if we don’t treat it?

We were laughing and some people even cried.  Speaking from his own experience, the delivery was incredible!

Human Performance Drives Business Performance!

Steve Lowisz helps organizations awaken their real potential.   A serial entrepreneur and keynote speaker, Steve has shaped the performance of organizations across the globe.  Whether recruiting, advising CEO’s, training, or speaking at conferences, Steve challenges individuals and entire organizations to shift their thinking and awaken real performance through purpose and proven analytics.  

With a unique and sometimes unconventional delivery style, Steve understands how to connect with executives, entrepreneurs, human resources and audience members of all types.  As a result, companies including Cisco Systems, Starbucks, Whirlpool, Coca Cola, Miller, Walgreen’s and many others have engaged Steve as a speaker to educate, inspire, and uncover the true potential within their teams.

As a keynote speaker, Steve shares his experience on talent acquisition, talent optimization, leadership, personal and organization development, and the data driven keys to sustainable performance.  



“We are not measured on intent, but on impact!” Steve Lowisz