Employer branding 101 is a hot topic in recruitment right now.

Everybody wants a strong brand to draw in top talent…

But building a brand that resonates with candidates is easier said than done.

In this article, we’ll cover a key aspect of employer branding – purpose.

Why purpose? Because candidates want MORE. Read on for a key piece of employer branding 101.

Employer Branding 101: Candidates Want More Than Titles, Money or Perks

Visit your average company’s career page and you’ll see a common theme.

Most businesses emphasize the tangible benefits of working for the company. I’m talking about perks, compensation, benefits, etc.

Now that’s all well and good…

But most candidates want something MORE.

They want to make an impact with their career. They want to do something that matters. And they want to be a part of something bigger than themselves.

In short, they want to work somewhere that aligns with their purpose! Which brings us to our next part of employer branding 101…

Employer Branding 101: Why Purpose Is So Important

At first, it’s easy to dismiss purpose.

But think about it.

If you rely on high salaries to win top talent…

Someone will always outbid you.

If you rely on perks to win top talent…

Someone will always offer a better package.

You get the picture.

But if you find your purpose and live and breathe it…

No one can ever steal that from you.

Purpose also speaks to us on a deeper level than money, titles, or perks.

Everyone wants to do something worthwhile with their lives. By offering purpose, you can attract people more strongly than perks or money could any day! That’s why purpose should be part of employer branding 101.

Great Examples of Purpose-Driven Employer Brands

If you’re not certain how your employer brand can incorporate purpose, here are some examples for inspiration.

Chipotle. Chipotle has turned their brand into more than just another fast-casual restaurant. Their brand is focused on providing “good food that’s also good for the planet.”

Additionally, they’ve doubled down on their commitment to diversity. This is reflected in the fact that 70% of its workforce comes from diverse backgrounds.

Talk about living their purpose! They’ve nailed this part of employer branding 101.

Cisco. Cisco’s purpose is centered around powering an inclusive future for all. If you look at their career page, you can hear that message coming through loud and clear. There’s a reason they’ve been named the #1 World’s Best Workplace two years in a row!

Mariott. A hot topic in HR recently has been all about how to hire, engage and retain millennials. Well, Mariott is showing us how it’s done! Mariott has focused on a purpose of putting people first. They aim to provide the best possible hospitality to their guests, which starts first with taking care of their own people.

Their careers page does a great job of emphasizing how much they believe in taking good care of others. It’s a belief that others can get behind and feel inspired by.

Part of employer branding 101 is taking inspiration from brands that are killing it. The key to these examples is they offer something BIGGER than money. They offer something candidates can connect with.

Offer Purpose and Win

It’s an incredibly tough talent market. No doubt about it. Hiring (not to mention retaining) great talent is an uphill battle right now.

Purpose is a huge part of employer branding 101. By positioning your employer brand in the right way, you can gain a huge advantage.  It’s time to think bigger than salaries and perks. How will your company offer candidates a sense of purpose?