Executive search consultants are not all created equal.

As a client, ultimately you want to place an executive that thrives on your team.

Picking the right search consultant is step #1 in making that happen.

However, that decision can be difficult. For your next search, consider the following…

Look at How Your Executive Search Consultant Sources Candidates

Every executive search consultant has a different sourcing strategy.

Some have a large database they dig through for every search.

Likewise, some find the same candidates you could have found yourself on LinkedIn.

In competitive markets, these approaches may not be enough.

Here at Qualigence, we leverage our in-house recruitment research team. It’s the largest research team in the country.

This allows you to find candidates highly relevant to YOUR unique search. It’s a huge advantage. With research, you can uncover a wider talent pool.

Executive candidates are not always easy to find. But for roles this important, you can’t settle for the easiest-to-find candidates.

In fact, all the top search firms use our research for themselves. What better proof of the value of our research team? In sum, think about where the candidates really come from.

Ask How Many Candidates Your Executive Search Consultant Will Present

Most people believe an executive search consultant should submit more candidates, not less.

But how many candidates do you really need?

Your consultant should take the time to deeply understand your needs. Furthermore, they should know EXACTLY what you’re looking for. And you should feel comfortable trusting them with the search.

If all the above is true…then why should they submit more than 3 or 4 candidates? You’ll only hire one person for the role.

More candidates means more time wasted reviewing applicants.

Our advice? Find someone who’s confident they can submit a handful of candidates you’ll love.

Sure, another executive search consultant might promise more. But that’s just throwing things at the wall to see what sticks. Asking this question reveals where their priorities lie.

Does your search partner care more about quality, or quantity?

Consider the Pricing Model of Your Executive Search Consultant

A retainer is the traditional pricing model.

Typically, clients pay a third of the candidate’s annual base salary. Roughly half of that fee is required upfront.

For a C-suite role, that can cost $45,000 or more. I know that’s “normal” for this industry. However, executive search consultants can do better! Why should you pay so much money before you’ve received anything of value?

Additionally, what if you have a bad experience and want to end the search? Suddenly you’re out thousands of dollars.

That’s why we use an hourly model. It’s simple. We charge an hourly fee for services rendered.

You can turn off the work at any time. If you do, you walk away with tens of thousands more in your pocket.

If your business needs shift and you no longer need to fill the role, you haven’t lost the fee. Furthermore, the information we’ve gathered is yours to keep. Nothing is proprietary!

Finally, you can rest assured we’re putting in the work to find the right fit. We’re never motivated to fill a role to cash in on the full fee. In conclusion, consider how the model affects the process.

Great Leadership Starts With You

Finding the next best leader for your team starts today. If you’re exploring options for an executive search consultant, this is step number one.

If you pick the right partner, you’ll find more value than you ever thought possible. Lastly, you’ll end up with an executive ready to take your team FORWARD!