If you’re a business leader, then you know as well as I do that we’re not out of the woods just yet.

While the economy continues to recover and there’s a lot of reason to be hopeful, you’ll need to deliver your best to ensure your business fully rebounds.

After 2008, I saw one too many companies stagnate rather than flourish during the bumpy recovery.

One of the biggest things for leaders to keep in mind right now is their mindset.

Are you focused on the PERKS of leadership…or the PRICE of leadership?

Let me explain…

The Difference Between Leadership Focused on Perks vs. Price

Whether you’re a new or highly experienced leader, it’s easy to get caught up in the perks of leadership.

You know what I mean – the corner office, the front parking spot, the status, the impressive title, the money, the benefits, etc.

Leadership focused on perks is all about what YOU receive for being a leader.

For many leaders, this is why they became a leader in the first place. But if you’re focused on perks and always thinking about what YOU get, you’ll never reach your full potential. Your team won’t either.

In contrast, leadership focused on PRICE is all about what you can GIVE as a leader.

It’s about what can I GIVE to my team, my customers, my business, and so forth.

What time, effort, and resources can you put in to assist others?

What price are you willing to pay to reach your potential and achieve more for these people?

Leading for perks is thinking “what will I receive for playing the game?”

But leading for price is thinking “what am I able to give to WIN the game?”

Leadership Focused on Perks Benefits No One – Not Even the Leader

NOBODY benefits from leaders who choose to lead based on perks. Most leaders that focus on perks misuse their leadership. Ironically, they usually don’t end up happy as a result either, because the rewards are all external.

The price is what stands between you and your full potential – and if you focus on it, you’re able to achieve more than you ever thought possible.

And at the end of the day, isn’t that more important than the front parking spot?

There’s a few more points to keep in mind for successful, price-based leadership…

Everything Worthwhile is Uphill

There’s a great saying I return to time and again when I’m training emerging leaders.

True success can’t happen without sacrifice.

If you succeed without sacrifice…then someone sacrificed BEFORE you.

And if you sacrificed without success…then someone AFTER you will succeed.

Everything worthwhile in life and in business is uphill. It requires, time, effort, resources, discipline, dedication, and so forth.

After all, you never hear anyone talking about accidental success!

When we recognize and embrace this reality, everything changes.

We stop thinking about whether you CAN achieve your goals…

And you start thinking about what you’re willing to sacrifice to achieve those goals. What price are you willing to pay?

Our goals are rarely a question of ability but a question of commitment and what we’re willing to sacrifice. Great leaders embrace this reality and recognize that the end result is well worth the upfront sacrifice.

You Have to Go First

The last 12 months have been incredibly challenging for most people and businesses. People are burnt out, they miss the old “normal,” and stress is still running high.

That’s why it’s more important than ever for leaders to go first. Effective leaders know they have to do MORE and go BEFORE anyone else on the team.

Think about it…who in their right mind wants to follow a leader who gives orders from the sideline?

Nobody is inspired by a leader that isn’t putting in any effort themselves.

Great leaders unlock the best from their teams by walking the walk! Team members will mimic the behavior of their leader, so lead by example.

You Have to Continue Climbing

Look, I know there’s nothing glamorous about consistency. There’s nothing exciting about practicing, trying, showing up day after day, and so forth.

But when you do all of the above things consistently, the results compound. Your teams recognize that you really mean what you say. The effort you put in gets recognized and it inspires your teams to deliver their best as well.

You and I both know it’s not always and there will be days where we screw things up or fall short. That’s okay – the important part is you do what you can to correct your mistakes and try again tomorrow.

It’s incredibly tough, but the feeling of leading a team that’s setting new expectations and crushing your goals is well worth the effort!

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